About Us


We seek to ignite creativity and presence in each and every character within the narrative, using our unique, insight-led approach to integrating costume as part of the world-building vision. 

With a background in film, theater and commercials we combine traditional storytelling practice with emerging media platforms to create more real and engaging experiences.


Camille Benda, Founder and Creative Director


Camille’s research-led design approach started with a love of history and evolved into a passion for character and script interpretation once she discovered costume design for theatre. With over 20 years experience working in film, theatre and commercials, she has enjoyed the process of supporting directors, producers and actors in realizing their creative vision through costume.

Camille has an MFA from Yale School of Drama, and a Masters from the Courtauld Institute in the History of Dress. While working in the film industry across the US and Europe, Camille has also furthered her academic work with various talks on dress history and the philosophy of design at the Victoria & Albert Museum, The Costume Society and the Courtauld Institute, Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley.

Camille leaves no museum unvisited, driving her family nuts by turning vacations into research trips, from locations as diverse as Jamaica, the suburbs of Athens, Greece to South Africa and Glasgow, Scotland.