To make it believable. To provide context and backstory. To provide a semblance of reality or a social connection to a character. All of these create bonds between virtual characters and ourselves that keep us wanting more. Clothing gives us so many clues about who a character is, and the path they've traveled to get there.



We’ve developed a unique methodology for exploring and enhancing characters and their clothing, which can be built into any character pipeline.

  • Historical dress research packs
  • Costume development workshops
  • Private access museum field trips
  • Custom fabric swatchbooks


Inhabit’s creative spark comes from the collision of digital technology with our tried & tested costume development process. We are redefining costume for the digital age.

  • Marvelous Designer consultations
  • Simulated costume fittings
  • Fit & movement guidance
  • Physical clothing show and tells
  • Costume stitch & structure reviews


Our magic pixie dust can add the finishing touches to all aspects of character clothing. Let us bring our extensive knowledge of live-action film to any aspect of your workflow.

  • Costume workflow consultations
  • Phone/Skype check-ins
  • Costume fidelity brainstorms
  • Post-project costume archive binders